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3 Steps to Take Before Listing Your Home

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If you’re thinking about listing your home in the new year, there are some preparatory steps you can start on now to get ready!

Declutter – We all accumulate a lot of stuff, especially during the holidays, but when buyers look at your home, they’ll be looking to see if your home has enough storage space to fit their needs. Make sure your cupboards, cabinets, and closets aren’t overfilled to better highlight the storage space in your home. If you start packing up the items you don’t use a lot now, you’ll be that much closer to being ready for listing photos and showings.

Neutralize the space – If your home currently has a lot of bold paint or floor colors, you may want to consider going with neutral colors or grays. A more neutral color scheme helps potential buyers envision their own decor and color preferences in the home.

Figure out your home’s worth – When you’re ready, I can come over and take a look at your home to help you determine how much it’s worth in the current market. Any renovations or upgrades you’ve made over the years could have an effect on your list price.


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