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3 Home Improvement Resolutions

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Many of us spent a lot of time at home in 2020, and that’s likely going to be the case this year too. With that in mind, making the most of your environment can be a big morale booster and improve your home’s value. 

Renovation Resolution 1: Declutter

Getting rid of items you no longer need, want, or use is a great way to free up space and make your home feel larger. Go through each room of your home and get rid of, sell, or donate items you don’t want to keep storing in 2021. For what is left, invest in storage solutions that maximize your space. 

Renovation Resolution 2: Get Green

Going green is a spectrum. You can go all out by buying a Tesla and solar panels, or you can start small by turning off the lights when you leave a room or turning down the heater at night. If you do have home repairs or renovations on your to-do list this year, look for opportunities to become more energy-efficient.

Renovation Resolution 3: Prioritize Safety

When’s the last time you checked your home for Radon gas? Do you have a carbon monoxide detector? You should also make time to change out your fire alarm batteries and check the pressure in your fire extinguisher.


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